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February 7, 2015

Goodbye ArcheAge ♥

After spending 5 months hardcore playing ArcheAge 24/7... Both my ex and me left the game (I even cried a little cos the game helped me a lot after my father died).

We felt the game was too boring for us, always spending hours and hours at our farms or doing nothing interesting cos most of the people didn't wanna join us for Serpentis or any other instances...
We spent 3 months at Dragonborn guild, 3 months listening to other players @ teamspeak, without being able to listen to my own music (>_<), was being forced to always join every fucking official raid (if not, to always leave a warning at the forums) and let's face it! I don't wanna play a game being forced to do this or that plus I was fucking tired of the same things again & again, seeing how the guild was dying due to people sick of their attitude and lack of events, REAL events (u don't wanna know how boring is to spend 2 hours @ ship killing players from your own faction with no satisfaction or rewards at all -.-").

Whatever, we both left the guild to be more like a casual gamers, no rules, no stress & no boredom!
We later chosen to join Dark Requiem guild~ We spent just a month there but they were really nice with us & helped us doing tons of stuff :D
But all the happy moments came to a end when we realized we weren't playing any other games, updating our sites, designing, watching movies/series and forgot about our social life... (T_T)

Let me share some (tons) screens I took while playing to always remember how much it helped me carry the duel 

The night I met Peter Pan going to Neverland lol

My ex, Daaaks & me~

Bored of my blonde hair, dyed it blue according to my real life hair change xD

We even had our own house with so many farms, gardens, animals & fully decorated by me xD (I crafted all the objects inside the house, it was a hard work lol)

I owned a second house for personal and girly purposes :P

Gonna miss doing pretty screens u.u

Along with Mewsita & Saturos, Dark Requiem leaders :3

My elk logo design @ sails :D

Look, I'm a demon lol

The fluffy sloth glider!

Another character to play with when I was bored playing with my main

My ex & me saying our farewell to the game at the starter zone~

Bye bye ArcheAge! It was nice to play u~ Thanks for all the good moments 


  1. =( Its a good game to play... 3 months and cya =) But we have a lot of funny moments! But now its time to do more things!

  2. El juego esta en español? donde lo consigo? Que pena que lo dejes porque parece bonito

    1. Me temo que no, está en inglés, en coreano y en ruso. Te linkeo la web inglesa, por si aún así te interesa jugarlo
      Si bonito es... pero me acabé aburriendo y prefería gastar mi tiempo en otras cosas xD

  3. it does looks kinda awesome living in another world

    1. Yeah it was! I sometimes miss to play this game... but now I'm free to play Dragon Age Inquisition muahahahaha


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