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October 13, 2014

Mixed feelings

(shoot by Neith)

Pereza extrema, ahora mismo no me apetece traducir todo al español, así que practicad inglés!

So... guess who's here, typing in this deadly blog of mine (-_-).
This isn't a dream, it's a nightmare lol

What should I say... I still dunno about what to write right now, just had the feeling to post something... Random then.

Had a terrible summer, joined a job opportunity that was a totally madness (quitted it after a lot of people told me to) and lost my father... 
The person I loved the most since I was a kid, that one who made me believe in magic, jedis, dragons, superheroes, unicorns, played videogames along with me and kept being all proud about his "little girl". I love you dad! We all will keep loving u and remembering our great moments inside of our hearts, cos u will continue shining right up there.

I'm only able to remember a couple of really happy moments from this summer (I'm all dizzy and afk, trying not to think too much /social media rip).

My cousin Adeline came to spend a few days~ Even though she doesn't have the time to visit Ourense too much lately, she always cheers me up. Thank u so much for hug me and took me out for diner by that time, really (>_<)

Had a great time with my ex at Santiago de Compostela & La Semana Verde too, my feet still tell me "cut me plz, we're tired" lol (and he even let me dye his hair black!)

This Burger King sucks

Bought Arwen's pendant at a really low price! 7€ lol


We have a new family member! She's Leeloo, the most lovely and crazy chinchilla u will ever meet xD (and too kyute sleeping)

I was supposed to attend a couple of conventions this year... Guess who didn't attend Japan Weekend Madrid and can't go to Barcelona either. 

Not in the mood for anything... besides no money (and some annoying children bullying everyone cos they think they're some kind of elite cosplayers or idk, let them be, teens will always think they rule the world lol). I guess my Annie Leonhardt cosplay will remain safe in my closet til next year :/

One of my best friends left the city too... she's at Madrid right now and I can't wait to spend some time together again, I feel so lonely... Thanks I'm back watching animes and playing videogames 24/7, trying to avoid social media and being an antisocial rascal who doesn't want to get hurt anymore by no one.

Talking about videogames, who plays ArcheAge? I'm into it since the beta and joined the biggest spanish clan a while ago, everyone is really nice, they help me in my odyssey of being away from social media and never fall into sadness. They keep my mind all busy with ArcheAge stuff lol.

Autumn is here, flu too (Ebola too -.-")...
Hoping to start a couple of projects soon and keep my mind distracted from this shitty world (T_T)

I bought a couple of new circle lenses, but I never have the opportunity to wear them cos everyone I cared for left this city. Why should I wear makeup or cl's to just buy at the supermarket? I'm fucking lazy lah~
Pics from summer, when I still had mates to date and have some fun with ;_;

Everyone have fun and spend a spooky Halloween in my name! Cya~

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