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March 23, 2014

Silver-platinum Hair & Etude House Official Tester !

So... whatever? I've been missed for the last weeks due to extremely sickness (still sick ¬ ¬), travelling and family celebrations (almost all of my dad's family reunited for my grand-grandpa's 90th birthday!).

I visited 4 cities in a day (le extremely tired), hosted the birthday by reading a family letter, tried to remember my German talking with my family, came to my mother-in-law's home, bought a lot of clothes for hubby and me at Santiago de Compostela's new mall, before watching newest 300's movie at iSense biggest screen from Spain!

Saw the first pic? That was my hair colour one month ago (kinda gal style), before I chosen to go blonde again~

I started with just one deco from Colorcrem brand, it almost turned platinum, just a few yellowish and yeah, ofc deco damaged my hair, it will always damage it, it doesn't matter if u go to a hairdresser or do it at home, it doesn't matter how much care or expensive products u're gonna use. You will always damage it and those telling you the opposite, are fucking telling u a lie lol

Pin-up style before trying something else...

Et voilà! I went silver for some days xD

I bought Mercadona's brand "Deliplus" shampoo for white hair, left it on my dry hair for almost an hour, washed it and it removed all the yellowish colour! Now I must use the shampoo as my regular one for keep it silver, tons of hair mask/serum and no hair dryer at all (^_^)

Moustache Tiff (._.)

I have a big surprise for u all!

I recently joined ETUDE's House contest to be one of their new official launch products tester and I won !
I will test their newest product before they release them on stores (^_^)

ETUDE HOUSE is launching a NEW product soon and we want Global Fans to experience them First!

What: Be the first global fan to try ETUDE HOUSE new product with a mission! When the mission is complete the participates will receive a sweet ETUDE HOUSE PINK BOX Gift! 

How: Apply at the event page with your determination and your skin tone!
(ex. Reddish, Yellowish, Dark, Porcelain)

*The winner will be noticed separately by message!

I don't want you to run away so I used random stickers to cover my puffy eyes before apply the product lol
(yeah, those are tons of tiny freckles)

I think I'm gonna try a darker silver in a few weeks, once at home. What do you think?

Enjoy this early spring and spend a wonderful time outside <3


  1. Siempre me ha flipado la maña que tienes para el pelo hahaha!

    1. Muchos años practicando, cometiendo errores y masacrándolo xD


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