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February 9, 2014


Giusy (@pinkblackjelly) spent 2 weeks at my place cos she always wanted to visit Galicia (her grandpas are from Lugo).

I had so many plans, but because of lack of money, bad weather and such, we weren't able to travel to another place besides my city (T_T)...

We spent most of the time at my room, eating, watching movies, sleeping and whining because we got a little sick u.u... But ofc we went out and I showed her the few things that are worth for it from my city lol (my city is more like a village ew)

Yeah yeah, some ego wearing my wig cos I was like "oh, I look like an elf" and everybody reading me knows I'm a diva /hides

On a day that it wasn't raining we visited the center of Ourense, termal place "As Burgas" (don't put ur hand under the boiling water cos, u know, it's boiling), some of Ourense's bridges, pretty churches (we're atheists, but THAT art), some parks, bought clothes at sales stores, went to the cinema and had diner at Blue Moon (50's diner).

Animals were totally free at this park (^_^)

I didn't visit Blue Moon since they, well, better to don't write it here, but let's just say that I didn't visit it since 2012. Food is fantastic, totally american, but I love the milkshakes more!


Selca with my newest hairband & my Venus pendant~

Bought a Xmas choco calendar, red chroma fake nails and mini cupcakes!


We had lunch at Beef & Sushi korean-japanese restaurant at Ourense


And let's not forget about the precious Galician spicy octopus! (*_*)

My ex got me one of the best presents I wished for (^_^)... guess what

A flying TARDIS from Doctor Who!! 

It's been a month since I wrote a blog post, my fail, always my fail and my time consumed by videogames :D /runs

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