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February 17, 2014


Yeah! Guess what, Tiff is addicted to Etude House's products and proud of it~
I'm not sharing all I have at my bathroom, just a few things on the last package from South Korea, don't wanna spam u all lol

My fav stores can be found at Myeongdong, always full of new products and nice staff to help u get what u need according to ur skin type and finish desires (^_^)

Last package with Etude's products

The person who sent me all I ordered also sent me some free stuff to test, not only from Etude but from Missha too

Product of the year! Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion <3
(light beige)

Do you like how kpop idols women's cheeks are always full of bright? This is ur choice (^_^)
Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer (transparent)

As a teen I used to pluck my eyebrows a lot... now I have to refill them almost everyday and, since I'm always changing my hair colour, this is the best one to match it with my eyebrows :3
Etude House Color My brows (light brown)

Perfect for an ulzzang look! Just apply the darker shade at the bottom of ur eyelids and the lighter one across ur teardrop line~
Etude House Dear Girls Big Eyes Maker

Bought the following ones at Seoul, it's incredible how many Etude stores u can find everywhere there... and there're always high sales each day of the week! I would love to live there just to have my Etude dose everyday lol

Etude House Collagen Eye Patch

Etude House Pearl Extract face mask pack

Etude House nail file and tweezers

Sadly forgot to take a pic of it's texture before finish it (T_T), best cream I tried!
Etude House Flower Moistfull Cream

U can always find a lip tint inside my bag, my fav one is Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint
(they put hearts on the ticket!)

I joined Etude House tester wanted contest a few days ago, how I wish to be able to be one of the chosen ones trying their new products before everyone else, cos I'm addicted <3

Spent 5 days with a huge flu, high fever, nausea, muscular pain... But my new pony helped me to get better, just because she's blue and pretty. Yeah yeah... MLP crazy fan here.

I started to play the last Tomb Raider for steam, it's SUPERB, sadly gonna finish it today after 22 hours of playing T_T (why so short WHY)

And now a sad but happy story: Sona was with her first heat so, I sent her to my mom's house (my neighbors are always whining when my cats meow at night -_-") and... one day when her bf opened the balcony, she ran away (T__T)
We spent so many hours looking for her, crying wo sleeping, did a lot of cat missed posters and cried more.
She appeared at 4am, guess where, at the balcony! She spent almost 2 days outside, it was cold and raining... My baby (T_T)

My bare face when I was sick to scare everyone, have a nice day!


  1. No lo entendí muy bien demo donde compras?? i felicidades enormes!!! Eres mi inspiracion :D

    1. Pues a veces Etude me envía sus productos directamente y, cuando no, echo mano de eBay ^_^
      Muchas gracias~ !


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