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December 4, 2013

Xmas' feelings

I know it, I knoooooooooooooooooooooow it.
Almost everyone hate Xmas lately... the lights, the gifts, the food... but not me!

I used to hate it, cos when I was a kid I always had gifts and family gatherings. But not anymore, no more family gatherings and no more Xmas presents for me from my family and such. That's why I hated it, cos a so happy time in the past turned out into a really sad one. I hated being all alone and seeing everyone getting Xmas presents just... ENVY.

This year I'm happy to announce that my best friend will visit me on january for 2 weeks! Bye bye feeling all sad 24/7 cos all my friends left my city for a better life (I'm all alone most of the time, but I think I'm used to this) LOL
I'll make sure she'll have the best time here, since she always wanted to visit Galicia :3
Woah, look at this, Tiff is talking about her feelings/private life! It's gonna be Xmas so, deal with it : D
/anticipating thousand of pics...

This past weekend my cousin came along with her boyfriend and I had the perfect excuse to dress all pretty and go out for a few hours (before catching a cold, as usual in me).
It's time for some selcas! I used to take pics everyday... to take pics once per month if I'm feeling awake enough lol

She's Adeline and her boyfriend is Sire /ps: be sure to check their websites~
We met next to my home and walked til the city's center, just to spend time at Arenal, buying makeup cos we're some elitist divas.
I'm lazy to take pics so I linked them all lol...

My favourite brand was Etude House, "was" cos, after trying a few cosmetics from Essence and also from Deliplus (Mercadona), I realized they're as good as Etude ones <3

Pics before leaving home, trying to act like Sailor Venus WTF

Yeah, was wearing a wig and G&G Dueba Barbie sky blue circle lenses. I'm not usually this pretty when going out xD, wanted to impress my cousin lol.

Sorry for the weird light, it was night already and we were outside the store (>_<)
They spent too many hours driving and their butts & feet hurt a lot from work too (T_T)... random info for no special reason.

Pics once reached home cos I realized I didn't showed my new dress properly (can't be seen well in this pics so let me share a link too)

Korean Dress from Milanoo (Cherry Koko brand)

A green vintage dress from Wawayu also came along with my Milanoo's order, wore it a few times already but no proper pics cos I'm a lazy ass.

Ordered this fabulous coat just a week ago and it's already here! I didn't even wear it yet cos I spent the last 2 days playing Skyrim + sleeping... 
Gamer life = no time for selcas (T_T)

It came along with a rainbow Milanoo's badge, a 10$ off coupon and a fidelity letter~ I feel so grateful now <3

I promise to take better pics of all my shopping soon, as I used to do last year xD

Like for my Korean brand Rihange's t-shirt (link from Milanoo, but got it at Ebay)

I better stop writing random stuff and go cook some food, I'm starving!
Btw, added a better way to leave comments so, be sure to try it cos comments are always highly appreciated /and I'm all alone here, u know *sobs*

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