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December 10, 2013

Namsan NSeoul Tower and Metro (South Korea)

After Gyohee spent the night at our dorm, drinking beer and such, we woke up soon to visit Seoul's National Museum (will post about this soon). Since we spent so many hours walking inside the museum and it was already "late", Gyohee told us to have lunch at Mr Pizza!

Koreans and pizza... korean pizza... horrible xD. Nieves didn't like it at all... I ordered chicken tenders instead, but... it was unsalty (T_T). Worst food at Seoul I swear!
We didn't finish our food (I wonder why) so, we carried the leftovers the whole day to... finally don't eat it at all lol.


Please ignore my "I'm so gonna kill u Jinx face" if u don't wanna have nightmares

Random pic, just to let u know that u better don't throw the paper in the toilet xD

As in Japan... Smart WC!

You will spend too much time inside the Metro (Subway/Underground), koreans are fucking lazy... One day we started to walk to just realize that they like to take the fucking metro (around 30 mins) to avoid a 5 min walking !! 
Dear family of mine, stop calling me lazy, thank you.



Oh yeah, everyone inside the metro will be checking their smartphones or fixing their makeup (men included, this will be so awkward to see at Spain xD)

Oido !!! Took a pic cos Oido in spanish means "inner ear/hearing" and I started to laugh in front of everyone


Best mannequin ever, ulzzang checking phone and... erm... drunk handsome one xD


Took this next pics when I was alone for the first time inside the metro and... it made me cry (T_T)


My T-Money card~ Ofc I later changed it to a kpop one, not gonna show it cos I'm ashamed of it lol


Same problem as in Japan... I know my twin Emu-nyan will understand this pic lol

Met my secret korean lover right there, lonely bunny (T_T)

Let's talk about NSeoul Tower !!

We took the bus cos it was the fastest way to "climb" the mountain and reach the so-famous spot for lovers (and ahjummas who like to wear their sporty clothes on weekends and WALK for hours til reach it).
Even when we took the bus, we needed to walk some minutes more to reach the tower.

Hello pretty scenery !!!

Gyohee being cute while I'm on my thoughts...

Look at this wonderful pagoda *_* (and that ahjussi ruining it)



I'm wearing like 3 pairs of sweaters cos it was too cold that day (-_-)


Trust me, you will also buy a padlock, write ur boyfriend's name and urs on it and put it on there. It's a must!

Those aren't trees... they're full of padlocks too lol


Seat for lovers...

What? My lover was taking the pic for me!

Once inside the building you can find some merch shop, line for tickets and the Teddy Bear Museum ^_^


You can also write a letter to... maybe Santa? Cos he lives in the North Pole (._.)


Taking a rest next to our friends, plushies zoo xD

Tried to not cry... but all the feels (;__;)

A wild red sun made me get lost and my friends were looking up for me for like 15 minutes around the place!

We were so fucking tired that we refused to wait for the bus (and stand up inside it for like 40 mins) and we took the cable car instead. Best choice ever! We were next to Myeongdong in like 5 mins and the views were so damn amazing (O_O).

Please check my video inside the cable car for the pretty views (^_^)

Dear foreigner with an iPad... How I wish to know your mail in order to ask you for the awesome video you took with your iPad while talking to me... when I was taking a selca xD

And now, let's go play Skyrim, the whole world is waiting for my help Ò.Ó

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