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December 30, 2013

Bye bye 2013~

Quick entry cos I'm busy at this time of the year: cooking, cleaning, visiting family, gaming *cof cof*

About 2013? Not so much... maybe because I wasn't too happy this last year, but hubby is always trying to bring my mood up so, thank you very much (^_^)

Pinkblackjelly will spend 2 weeks at my home, starting this 6th of January. Can't wait for it! I really need some social touch right now lol...

No special plans for this end of the year, gonna eat and spend my whole night playing coop games, I'm an old lady (._.)

A couple of pics, posted them at my Instagram but forgot to share them here for no reason (>_<)

I'm kinda addicted to gold and sparkling make up (*_*). Tried some korean falsies I bought at Seoul, not really like them, they look as if I added them with Photoshop (-_-)...

Btw, I did my nails almost 2 weeks ago and they're still PERFECT! 24/7 base coat from Essence is Pinkblackjelly's product of the year lol /and mine too~

Gonna blog about Any Cushion and other Etude House products next time (^ 3^)~v

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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