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October 19, 2013

Around Hankuk, Sharp Star City and Mouse Rabbit (Seoul)

I already miss summer, not because of the sun and hot weather, but because my knee hurts when cold weather starts ~(>_<~) (and I love cold weather T▽T).

I'm always playing games lately cos hubby helped me buy a new gamer PC, not to mention that I'm one of those human beings feeling terrible depressed when fall starts... For no reason at all ofc there's always a reason.

I miss korean food the most, spanish food is horrible!! So tired of eating the same things again and again cos spaniards don't know how to beautify the art of cooking (¬д¬。)

I'm still sharing Seoul's memories cos I'm a lazy ass who's always playing games and delaying updating my blog ♪(´ε` )

Ains... that vanilla poo from Dong Bang!!! Not to mention the huge book-library store on our way to meet Melani at Hankuk Univ~

Can't believe this poop bread is so cheap (*_*) 

Le me waiting for Mel cos we got lost due to bad instructions from her lol

She used to study at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (she's already back at Spain too ಥ_ಥ)

Her univ was full of koreans... I tot we'll see a lot of foreigners there (fail)

In our way to her house... u can spot this Love Hotel for couples (s*x <3)

 Koreans and their english lol

Someone's door, just because

We went to eat Bon-Juk one day cos we had a terrible hangover (>o<)

Chicken one

Cheese one

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah the best bibimbap from all Seoul!!! Sadly the ahjuma who used to manage it, closed it recently (T_T)

 Mel usually had tons of homework to do so, she suggested us to take a seat at Mouse Rabbit, she loved it cos it was a quiet place perfect for finish her homeworks while taking a latte~

It's managed by Super Junior's Yesung (if I'm not wrong)

And... he was there, surrounded by millions of crazy fangirls while we were like "we wanted to study and rest a little T___T" (pic by a fan, my head @ right)

Nieves took a couple of pics cos she's a Super Junior fan~

We spent a few minutes talking with him while I was laughing, people later started to say he was talking with some friends, ok.

And I didn't wanna show up my face xD

I kinda think koreans are in love with Xmas (._.)

We had to take a seat at smokers' area cos it was the only free place (everything crowded by his fans)

I ordered a vanilla latte

While helped Mel with her homework lol

Mouse Rabbit is close to Sharp Star City, where a friend of mine spends hours playing, ofc

I started to play AION again (since it's free)

Hi there Chul (* ̄з ̄)

We had a walk and chosen to eat at Sharp Star City, full of "look at me I'm so handsome" people lol

Idk what kind of sauce was that, rly.

The cheese... THE CHEESE!!!

I fell in love with Hankuk Univ hoodie, like, so much!! Thanks Mel for help me get my very own customized hoodie with my name on it. Love you so much (^_^)

Yeah, my name is Fanny (surprise)

It's late already (23:00pm), let me play some sims3 and have diner xD... Why do I feel this entry is totally empty? Maybe cos I'm too lazy to write and forgot tons of details, my fishy mind isn't working, sorry (T_T)

I'm working on a new layout for my blog, gonna remove one of the sidebars, bigger space for my entries and, ofc, new template <3

Bye bye little chocozombies!


  1. Aysh, que envidia todas esas fotos de comidas joder! xD

    1. Pues tendré que poner más fotos de comida... para que comentes xD (MILAGRO!!)


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