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September 12, 2013

Hi Guesthouse (Seoul, South Korea)

I'm gonna talk (just a little) about my favorite guesthouse at Seoul. 
Well, I didn't visit any other yet, but I don't wanna, cos the host and the staff at Hi Guesthouse are so damn sweet and caring, I don't wanna meet any other ╮(╯▽╰)╭

We spent 10 days, sleeping in a twin room, having guests sleeping at floor, went drunk and staff took care of us on the next day, gave us advises, invited us to attend a live show concert...
Like, why should I even check for any other place to stay at when they made our time there so comfy? (╯3╰)

Let me share their Terms & Conditions~

1. Hours of Operation

Check in 14:00 - 22:00
Check out 11:00  

*If you want to extend your stay, please let us know at least 1 day before the end of your stay.
**If you have to check in after 22:00, please let us know in advance.  

Breakfast 08:00 - 11:00
Reception Office 08:00 / 22:00
Laundry room 24 hours
NO curfew (digital doorlock)

2. Free Guest Services

Clean bed sheet, pillowcase, towel, Shampoo, toothpaste, tissue, soap, toilet paper.
Breakfast is served from 08:00 to 11:00 (loaf bread, butter, jam, coffee, egg)
Free Rental bicycle.
High-speed internet access, Wi-fi, cable TV (100 channels).
Air conditioner (each room & everywhere inside the house).
Ondol system (Korean floor heating system).
Fully equipped kitchen.
Washing machine, detergent, drying machine, iron.
Hair dryer, curling iron.
Personal locker.
Microwave, refrigerator.
Water purifier. 

*Portable Wifi (EGG) Rental Service
If you need to use wifi outside of our guesthouse,
we lend you portable wifi for 5,000 KRW per day.
(It's much cheaper than the airport)
Losing the device would be 100,000 KRW
**Dorm rooms do not include the cable TV

3. Rules

Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the house.
Please ask the manager to keep your valuables. We do not take responsibility for any lost items that are not kept by the manager.
Please return the door key when you check out.
When the key is lost, the additional fee will be charged.
Guests are responsible for any damages to repair.
Pets are not allowed with you.
The roof garden can be used until 22:00.  

*You need to share the bathroom.

It has 3 floors and a roof! Very private, silent and comfy

I found this pretty mural painting close to the guesthouse

Reception! We found Tae sleeping inside on our departure xD

Reception is next to the kitchen and the "living room"

Random selcas with USA's guests (they tot I was from UK)

Yeah, I'm a damn tiny woman there

The warm kitchen

This was our toilet at 1F. I'm not posting pics from any other floors~

And that's our door! With a free to use PC at the corridor. You can also find a microwave and cold/hot water machine next to it (^_^)

Our purple room! We asked them to rent us this one (^_-)

My bed. I had a little cold cos I'm not used to sleep without bed sheets and warm blankets (>_<)

Our dear Gyohee who came to sleep with us @ floor (koreans are used to sleep in that way, no big deal) one night after noraebang & BBQ


Yeah, she got drunk lol

My favorite snacks ever. I bet Nieves will also choose them lol

Korean OREO, ponys will understand

Cheese ramyun, NYLON, Rilakkuma phone case & ETUDE face mask for our girls' night

Yeah, u can say I'm addicted to ramyun... my breakfast, EVERYDAY

Ok, if you get drunk and u're in a terrible hangover on next day... u're supposed to drink this. I didn't cos I already knew I was gonna puke with it, but Nieves did and puked (forever regretted it the whole day xD)

Short and lazy entry just to keep it alive!

You can find more info about Hi Guesthouse at their website (^_^)


  1. Estoy deseando ir! Parece super acogedora ;_;

    1. Oh! Me olvidé de decir que, a parte de darnos las bebidas para la resaca, nos pusieron el deshumidificador en nuestra habitación para curarnos antes lol

  2. Replies
    1. a ver si para otoño del año que viene puedes ><


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