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August 30, 2013

Super Junior, Mr Keroro & friends at Seoul

I don't remember the date...? Anyway, the day (Saturday) of Super Junior's live concert (Seoul), we decided to go to the venue just to see a couple of friends, troll their fans and have fun making jokes while taking selcas, singing at noraebang, etc.

Yeah, I'm wearing a wig, wearing wigs at Asia is fucking normal (as circle lenses too), Spaniards will always look bad at u if u try wearing one at street ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
My fabulous wig... which ended all messy and dirty by the end of the night, thanks to a windy day.

We were supposed to meet Sarah, Holly & Yan at 2pm? I forgot, my friend was the one dating them via kakao. I also told my friend Melani to come along  ヘ( ^o^)ノ\(^_^ )
They told us to meet at Olympic Park, but... that station has too many exits so idk which one we were supposed to pick (T_T).

We arrived late (as usual) and, since we didn't rent a simcard, we were only able to use free wifi and was hard to find one at that place (-_-)ゞ゛

Selca before leaving the dorm, along with Nieves~

THIS, this is the place where we tot we were supposed to meet our friends. WRONG, it was another exit (-_-)"

Since it was late already, we bought food at one 7Eleven hidden inside that building in order to eat while waiting for our friends to pick us in our misery <(_ _)>


I found Sinchan's cookies!!!!!!! MOST YUMMY ONES I SWEAR

Rilakkuma pepero (^_^)

My friend Melani finally saw us while we were eating outside, finished my burger and we had a seat at some juice drinks cafe "Jamba Juice", with free wifi (*_*)

I didn't order anything, I had my cookies with me xD

(wig already a disaster)

She's Melani, one of my best friends, who was studying at Seoul not so long ago

Mel, me, Nieves & Jing Jing (who appeared at some tv shows and as a dancer at Dream Concert~)

One we finished our drinks (and my cookies) Mel & Jing told us that they were gonna try to get some tickets for Super Junior's show so, we met Gyohee at the metro and walked to the venue, were we met Sarah and Hollie (we weren't able to meet Yan cos she was buying merchandise T_T)

Both Melani and JingJing got tickets and ended touching Kyuhyun and Teuk? Ah, I forgot ;__;
Even tough I'm not a Super Junior fan, I wanted to take a pic in front of the huge banner, just because.

Gyohee is a cutie, so tiny I wanna cuddle her >_< (I'm only 1'65cm)

This was supposed to be one of those pics were someone holds the sun...

But ended being like this


Nieves was hungry so, she bought some... idk the proper name, but it has nuts and it's yummy too

After some hours spazzing around the venue, we went to Rodeo Street when we met Mr Keroro and we chosen to enter a noraebang in order to sing out loud while drinking/having ice-creams lol

Ah... I forgot the name again... something about White Angel? Idk at all, I was too excited!
As usual, rent a room, bought ice-creams and beer, headed to our special room when...

This masterpiece at the floor. Thanks we took off our shoes (._.)

As a coincidence, our room was Emerald number13, with comfy sofas, 2 TV, table... mics & tambourines!!

Didn't stop laughing while singing for the whole time, I even forgot all the lyrics and what did I sang

Time flew so fast and it was time to left the place before head for a special Korean BBQ with Gyohee and her parents (I love them)

Messy and dirty wig, tired, lost my voice, kinda drunk, trolled everyone at the venue and I told Yesung something perv, u don't wanna know about it.
Nieves regretted not going to the concert, but I don't, I don't wanna waste that amount of money on a concert I'm gonna dislike :/

Sorry Nieves xD


  1. hhahahahaha !! I really love it the end xDDD!!

    Nice pics to remember... <3 !!

    We spent a lot of *ucking good emotions >_<

    1. qué pena que el karaoke durase tan poco, entre que escogíamos canción y no, se nos fue el santo al cielo ><


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