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August 23, 2013

Going ginger (again) with "NaturVital"

Nanananananananananananana DALEEEEEEEEK
It's me again, missed me? (u didn't, I know it).

Sorry for being so late updating this summer, but I just returned back home after spent 1 month of holidays along with Mr Kershaw~ └(★o★)┐

At this time I'm sure u know that I like to dye my hair everytime I'm bored of it (doing it since I was 17 years old /12 years til now, almost half my life ఠ_ఠ)
BIG NEWS! (no they ain't that) I'm back being ginger lulz... I spent almost 1 year not doing anything with my hair, just letting my natural blonde grow up a little.

I didn't dye it this time (WHAAAT?), dying ur hair damages it SO FUCKING MUCH so, instead of using a dye color, I bought a hair mask that gives u some natural ginger color, depending on ur natural hair color~

Since I used it being blonde, it turns out it's kinda ginger-orange-blonde at first, but after use it once more time, it's more ginger than orange now (^v^)

You can give it a try!

Hair mask


You can check for other colors at the website (spanish only, sorry)

It's price is quite expensive (7€), but it's a great option to color ur hair if u don't wanna damage it with permanent products (yeah, is not permanent, color will fade and u will need to use the hair mask like once per week).

You can wash ur hair and later apply the hair mask, the more time u let it on, the greater color u'll get! Or u just can apply it without washing ur hair, on ur dry hair, letting it on for around 30 mins, wash it and go \(°o°;)

After use it for a second time on dry hair

See the difference? Well, unless u have eyesight problems or blind, ofc u will see it, how it turned out a little darker-red lol

My hair color (blonde) looked like this on the first day I applied the hair mask (keep in mind that my hair was all messy and dirty cos I was gonna wash it asap lah)

If u're like me and like to change ur hair color frequently, I suggest u to repair it using this products:

Stylius Deliplus Express Air Conditioner (spanish product, Mercadona's supermarket)

I also quit using my hair dryer, summer heat come here and bless my hair, cos even when I spent 1 year letting it heal, it's still too fried ლ(ಠ益ಠლ

Let's abuse on magical hair care products!



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