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July 14, 2013

Photoshoot as Lady Gaga

My friend Nabouzan told me she was thinking about a "Celebrities look a likes" from our own city and, as most of u all know, people usually tell me I look like Lady Gaga (she's the one who looks like me, literally speaking, since I'm some years older than her lol).

It was my pleasure to participate in this funny photoshoot along with those beautiful and kind women (^_^)

Try to guess their celebrity look a like!

Not gonna post all the pics cos it was a personal project and I wanna respect her privacy :)

The studio (and a random guy? doing some final adjusts)

We were dancing to Gaga's songs, u can laugh at this gif yeah, my faces say it all lol

This is a short entry, but I wanted to keep my blog updated~ Thanks for keep reading me!


  1. Oh maigawd! Just 4 a sec I tot u were Gaga kkkkk

    1. xD thankyu? Some friends of mine also tot it was Gaga herself the very first time, they even told me "IT'S GAGA NOT U"
      The power of makeup!


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