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July 10, 2013

Beauty Ambassador

A couple of months ago I was chosen to be the new face for CU Cleanup Clinic in Gangnam (Seoul, South Korea)!

I entered a beauty contest just for fun, waited for some months (it took so damn much time because there were hundreds of candidates) and I got an email from them~
I tot I wasn't gonna know anything more about it, since I only joined it for fun so, my face while reading the congratulating-me mail was all like (O_O)

...While crying, cos I wasn't at Seoul anymore when I got the mail so, I was forced to give my position to another candidate (T_T)
It was a really happy moment (first time winning a beauty contest and it was an Asian one!), but a damn so fucking sad too cos I wasn't able to accept it for not being around anymore (T_T)

Well... I wasn't too much confident about my looks til now, I always tot I was just a normal girl, nothing pretty at all... and now I know I'm kinda pretty to win that thing ^_^ (despising some frustrated fans /called haters/ that like to bless me with their "u're so ugly ew" comments LOL, U FAIL).

It's well known that I'm an elitist narcissistic woman, but if u don't love urself in that level, no one will do it in ur name. I love myself and I'm fucking proud of it!

Anyway, here are a few lines from the mail I got as a winner and u'll realize how much osm being the winner was:
We are so pleased to inform you that you have been recommended to become our remarkable Beauty Ambassador that will represent Cu Cleanup.
Please read through the following details and write back to us to confirm the offer (reply with YES/NO as to accepting the Ambassador offer. 
Ambassador's Role: Updating beauty-related post on a weekly basis that covers the review to laser treatment experience or performance sponsored by Cu cleanup, TV appearances, interviews, photoshoots. 
Ambassador's Benefit:
  • Free Skin Treatment Service offered by CU Cleanup Clinic under the condition of that you make the best use of the free treatment for the purpose of writing the post on your blog.
  • The certificate of 3 month period of ambassador work for CU Clean Clinic

More selcas showing off my hair extensions & my contact lens

Wearing my G&G GBT Sky circle lens (natural light & indoor/white light)
My eyes are black (>_<)

Bought this necklace via Ebay before going to Seoul

Kinda a bragging entry, idc lah~ I cried a lot being chosen as a beauty ambassador and not being able to take part of it (T_T). Good luck to the person taking my place xx


  1. Congratulations! I think we all know that you're pretty. They seem to have confirmed that fact :)

    1. I wasn't sure of being considered pretty xD, they did me a favor lol

  2. ¡Pues claro que eres una monada! A veces me dan ganas de ir a buscarte y gritar ¡TIFF, HAZ CONMIGO LO QUE VEAS NECESARIO! a ver si en tus manos sale algo decente de esta bostiña xD

    ¡Guapa, guapa y guapa!

    Eso sí...siempre me pregunté cómo te pintas los labios con el piercing...¿lo giras o haces quita y pon?

    1. Sin maquillaje cambio mucho eh xD, no tengo facciones que digamos, soy exacta a Mara ><
      Si tú ya te arreglas muy bien, además de que la pigmentación de tus ojos mola más que los negros míos.
      Pues lo muevo hacia un lado xD

  3. So lucky!!! But so sad at the same time

    1. Totally! I spent days crying feeling so unlucky T_T


  4. geez.. I failed to spot the word
    'was' since i was so happy from
    the news.. ' feeling sad now
    that i read your blogpost darling..
    Keep your spirit n chin up Tiff.
    Next time it'll be yours..

    1. Thankyu Rosa T___T
      If only my country would have this kind of sponsor... boring country of mine lol


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