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April 22, 2013

KStory at Myeongdong, Seoul

I'm back from my South Korean trip and I already wanna go back soonヾ(^∇^) (so sorry Spain, but Spaniards are fucking rude, pervs, annoying, everything is too expensive, noisy, people have no manners, everyone will look at u just for dress different and blablablablabla... yeah, I do hate my own country so much ಠ▃ಠ).

First time going to Seoul as a tourist (not for personal reasons), I recommend it to everyone who likes fashion, skin care & food (。♥‿♥。)
One of my favorites places around Seoul is Myeongdong, it just has everything I love: cute skin care shops, coffees, restaurants, malls, street food...

At some point we ended drinking soju at KStory cafe, after realize all the non-alcohol drinks were already sold out that day (´・_・`)
I ordered a soju bottle and the CEO gifted us with some snacks, really delicious~
That soju was stronger than the rest... I started to feel drunk sooner than expected & we were supposed to go out at night for a special dinner, alcohol included again ヘ(。□°)ヘ

KStory is a small K-Pop merchandise store & a coffee shop at same time created by Kim Heejin, older sister of the so-famous Super Junior's Kim Heechul.

Heejin is the owner, along with Bruce Youn, but it seems they sold it to some random people... so, if u're a kpop fan, ELF or Petal (Heechul's fans), please don't deliver ur gifts/presents there, ur stuff will end up stored around the place and your idol wouldn't receive it.
KStory is no longer related to Kim Heechul, I was able to see tons of gifts from his famous fanclubs there, still packed on their bags and such. Such a pity for his fans, really (҂⌣̀_⌣́)
She's back managing the place, redecorated it and added more drinks and food! ^_^

Anyway, they sell K-Pop related things, quite expensive, but u can find stuff from not only Super Junior there.

 stuff everywhere~

CEO told us to please don't take pics, but after my friend told them who I was, they allowed us to take pics and even gifted me with some Heechul's stickers and beauty face masks lol.

We met an official photographer for SMent who was organizing a set of pics around her table, she told us that she likes to go there cos the site is really quiet and always empty (it really was a peaceful place to stay at).

How to go there
Metro Line4 blue, Myeongdong Station exit #6

You will find it on a 2F so, please look carefully in order to see it~

Pics by my friends Sujilovekuri & Yan Jvn 


  1. Me encanta la foto en la que estás comiendo algo en la calle es muy sacada de un manga =)

    Lo que comiste en el garito q solía pertencer a Heechul eran senbes? se parecen mucho *O*

    Tengo ganas de ver
    más publicaciones sobre Seoul!
    bsikos twinny!

    1. Ni idea de lo que son senbes ;___; aunque tampoco tengo ni idea de lo que comí en el café, estaba borrachísima del soju, pero sabía super dulce xD
      Ea, ya he actualizado con más fotos, esta vez de un palacio~ <3

  2. Nice post Tiff omma ^^~
    you show the way to get there ~ thankyu so much ~
    Foods is yummy right ?!! oh

    1. They didn't offer food by that time (just those snacks, yummy yes xD). Let's see if their muffins are gorgeous once I'll visit them back ^^


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