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October 31, 2012

Kera Cross Punk rockabilly shoes/creepers (selling)

It's 2016 and I'm still selling this creepers ><

Condition: used just once, totally new and in perfect condition.
Size: EU 39 (long)
Main Color: Black & white
Heel Height: Front (toe) 5 cm / Heels (back) 8cm
Type: punk lolita, grunge, visual kei...
Materials: synthetic leather, heavy dense black rubber sole
Made in: Hong Kong
Brand: Montreal

Why do I sell them?
Since I lost some weight, my feet also decreased a little and it doesn't fit anymore. I still wear a 39 size, but this one is not for skinny type women.
Only used them once. No damage at all, they even still smell like new :3
I added a small soft patch inside/back of them for make them more comfy to wear without stocking, but you can remove them, they are not fixed/sew.
Bought them back at 2010, they're handmade and imitate official creepers.

I bought them for: 70$ usd
I'm selling them for: 55$ usd


PAYPAL only. You must pay paypal's fees and shipping to your country (EMS or Economy Int'l Shipping).

For shipping prices, let me know your country first in order to check it (I'll be sending them from Spain).

No return or exchange accepted, please make sure your size fits before purchase. Use your own dress shoes or heels as size reference, not sneakers or tennis shoes.

M = Male ; W = Woman


  1. How much will it cost for ship to Poland? :)

    1. Sorry for the waiting! I wasn't at home for 3 weeks so, I couldn't reply ><.

      I'm gonna give you the details of the box size & weight + cheapest shipping from Spain to Poland according to it:

      - The box will be around 35cmx35cm
      - Each shoe is 637gr
      - Both are 1.274gr
      - Along with the box it will be around 1'5kg
      - To Poland it's around 20€, but my postal office must check the Zone, since they aren't sure if your country zone is A or B (stupid Spanish postal service lol)

      Let me know if you're still interested to ask them again ^_^

  2. Are you still selling these? I'm about a 9.5 to 10, creepers tend to me too but on me maybe these could fit.

    1. I think they would totally fit u ~
      Do u want me to check at my postal office the shipping for ur country? ^^


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